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Resin River Table

Original slab of black walnut


Sanded the rough bark off, cut the slab in half with the tablesaw, built a mold for the resin pour, and coated the mold with Tyvek tape (resin does not cure/stick to it)


After the pour… the reason there are blocks with silicone under them is because resin does not cure/stick to silicone either and I needed something to press the wood down with, otherwise the wood would just rise on top of the resin
Sanded the entire slab with a random orbital sander, detail sander, and by hand. Went up in grit from 80 to 3,000. Went by hand once in the higher numbers.
Attempt 1: Routed the edges and then poured a final layer of resin over the table. PROBLEM: there were so many bubbles. White patches of bubbles all over the table. Could not figure out why it happened until finally it came to me; I did not seal the black walnut (the lighter part mostly) well enough, and there was so much air in the wood that the bubbles wouldn’t stop forming while the resin cured
Attempt 2: All done! Had to re-sand the entire thing and then instead of resin just sanded all the scratches out of the resin and finished with polyurethane


Added some hairpin legs as well.

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