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Kpj Muw Training Agreement

SIP 5a: Statistics on old issues: bit.ly/2rpIWcX SIP 5a – MEMES: bit.ly/2qkIBIu (MUW – KPJ (Medicus) – 5 years of MEDICUS – with Neo Cortex – Neo Medicus MEDICUS celebrates its 5th anniversary. 🎂 Those who want to help students in their studies one last time can share their files at any time (-> in groups FB Thank you – the next vintages will be delighted. 🙂 ) OSCE / SIP 5a Statistics / Memes / Documents – MUW Tertiale (Medicus) . . . . 10,000 ©,000,000,000 YEARS – MEDICUS – AUGE / HNO / DERMA (MEDICUS) GYN / PEDIATRICS (MEDICUS) / Internal Medicine / Surgery (medicus) NEURO / Psychiatry / RADIOLOGY (MEDICUS) . Registration deadlines in kg (half-year registration at MedCampus) 7th semester: 07.09.2017 09:00 – 18.09.2017 23:59 9.Semestre: 08.09.2017 09:00 – 18.09.09 20 17 23:59 9th semester: 08.09.2017 2017 09:00 – 18.09.2017 23:59 OSCE files: bit.ly/2sZwCOc credits to Alexander Redl – please also download your files – the next few years will be happy; -) . . If you are planning to travel by train, it is advisable to buy the “VORTEILScard” (also called “Euro<26"); "Advantage" is German and means "benefit"; €19.9). This card allows you to get a 50% discount on the normal price on train tickets in Austria and, in case you take a train from Austria, 25% for the part of the journey outside Austria. All you need to get this card is an age under 26, a photo and an Austrian address (residence). You can buy it at all ticket offices.

There is also the CLASSIC VORTEILScard for people over 26 years of age (99.90 euros, but they have to travel a lot to be cheaper than without them!). For example, if you take a trip from Vienna to Salzburg, both directions would cost 100 euros full price. If you buy the card, you only pay half, so the total price was 20 euros. After graduation, we will receive the title of “Dr. med. Univ. (Doctor medicinae universae). The following year is called KPJ – clinical and practical year (practical year, clinical) and is mandatory for all. This is a year when you turn (again) through all departments. After this year, you can choose to become a generalist (3 years) or visit a specialty (4-6 years). University of Medicine Vienna (MUW) Innsbruck University of Medicine (MUI)Graz Medical University (MUG)Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)Paracelsus Private University of Medicine (PMU) Karl Landsteiner Universit Krems Tertial 2 – Psychiatry (10 questions) uquiz.com/iLxwjd Tertial 2 – Psychiatry (20 questions) uquiz.com/xVOHr1 Tertial 1 – Neurology (10 questions) uquiz.com/7U1HiA .


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