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Hsa Service Agreement

This additional service agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of Infinisource and employers with respect to various administrative services provided by Infinisource with respect to the program. Infinisource will also provide the employer with up-to-date information on compliance with Code 223. These messages are based on Infinisource`s interpretation as a benefit advisor/administrator of the applicable law and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. The rights and obligations listed below apply only to the extent that this service is chosen by the employer in the service contract. The employer wants to allow certain eligible employees to create health savings accounts (such as internal income code 223) with a specific administrator or agent for health savings accounts (health savings accounts). The employer wishes to use the services of Infinisource, Inc. (“Infinisource”) which works with one or more companies providing HSA services (“infinite parties”) to provide eligible individuals with a health account program (the “program”). All HSA members in the public health sector are covered by one of three main collective agreements: this complementary service contract is part of the service contract (including the general terms of sale) and is included in it. The effective date of this additional service contract is the effective date of the service agreement or, if subsequently, the service date related to services related to services under this Agreement. The responsibilities set out in this agreement for additional services are added to the responsibilities defined in the service agreement (including terms and conditions of sale). In the event of a conflict between this additional service contract and the service contract (including the terms and conditions of sale), the service agreement (including the general terms of sale) controls. If you are unsure of the agreement that covers your job, please contact us.

Community social services and private sector employees are subject to three separate agreements: A. HSA Services. Infinisource takes certain action regarding HSAs for employers, as shown below: C. Employer responsibilities With respect to its service contract between Infinisource and the employer, the employer is responsible for:


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