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Home Countryside Stewardship Agreement Acceptance (Declaration 1)

Countryside Stewardship Agreement Acceptance (Declaration 1)

If you have a contract with several countryside Stewardship agreements, use this form to create a full business application return for 2020. To check compatibility, see the details of the option or capital position in www.gov.uk/countryside-stewardship-grants – see the specific requirements under “Where you can use this option or article.” New requirements mean not only that you submit your own claim for each of your agreements, but that you must also file a full commercial claim to cover all management agreements registered with your SBI. (Only capital agreements are not covered by this requirement.) When deciding what they want to ask for, it is worth determining first what local priorities are set for your area. You can use the CS Option Finder tool on rural payment service (www.gov.uk/rural-payments) to find out which priority options are best for your farm and location. This should increase your score, so you are more likely to be offered an agreement. Non-competitive organic conversion and management options are available. Note: This does not apply to an application for our wildlife offers. The form must be signed by people with the power and ability to complete the application. An agent or other person filing the application on behalf of the company must have permission to send under “Countryside Stewardship (Applications)” to the Rural Payments service. To give someone permission to “submit,” go to “Business Overview” and “Allow Access” to the “Rural Payments” service. Call the Rural Helpline Payments on 03000 200 301 if you need help.

Remember that Natural England must receive all necessary evidence by August 31, 2018. In the absence of supporting documentation, the options will be removed and/or your application will be rejected. . 10 Tips and Tips to Help You In Your App Make sure the plots are linked to your SBI (Single Business Identifier) so that they are displayed on your online maps. To connect registered land to your SBI, fill out an RLE1 form to transfer that country to you. If the country is to stay connected at the same time as another SBI because someone else has claimed the BPS 2018, write on the front page of the RLE1 form “Dual use – link to existing SBI “. If you include be3 (Management of hedgerows), BN5 (Hedgerow laying) or BN6 (Hedgerow coppicing) in your app, check the new coverage information on your online cards. If the covers are fake or missing, fill out an RLE1 form and send it to RPA. Check your cards online by going to see the land on the Rural Payments Service (www.gov.uk/rural-payments).

All parcels on which options must be found must be registered with RPAs (including land not eligible for the base premium country, such as farms. B). If you want to register land or request a change of assignment, fill out an RLE1 form and send it to RPA. You`ll find more information on updating field files before applying on GOV.UK Update page to include examples of mid- and higher-level forms. You should have received your HEFER reply, if not, please call Natural England on 0208 026 1089 or email: enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk applications for new CS Wildlife offers must meet the minimum requirements of these offers to be successful. You must complete and submit your return by May 15, 2020.


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